Michelle Obama voted Most Admired Woman (According to An Extremely Small Poll)

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama was recently named Most Admired Woman according to a Gallup poll taken on 1,025 randomly selected adults between December 3rd and December 12th. She unseated Hillary Clinton in the spot for the first time in 17 years. Which is good, because Hillary Clinton is the worst and Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman by any standard.

However, seeing as 1025 people is .00031538% of the population of the United States, it doesn’t seem like a significant enough polling percentage to be reasonably realistic. Just because 15% of 1025 people admire Michelle Obama – an objectively admirable woman – is not remotely a sample size big enough to represent the feelings of the nation as a whole. That’s about 154 people, which is a percentage of the US population smaller than my admittedly tenuous grasp of algebra can calculate.

Gallup has been taking poll since 1946.

If you want to know what makes Michelle Obama a woman worth of admiration, please follow the links below.

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 ( source: ResetEra )


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