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Microsoft Back in the Next-Gen Battle for Consumers with Series S and Series X

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Since 2019 when the PS5 was announced, Microsoft and Sony have been one again locked in battle over which will be the next king of next-gen console gaming. Now that Microsoft has officially made their announcement, gamers have the information they need to choose wisely in the next wave-- and it's not all good news for either company.

Microsoft has impressively matched the power of the PS5 with AMD RDNA 2 graphics systems, but made a move that could put Sony in danger of losing on price alone: Series S. Unlike Series X, which is the powerhouse priced at $499, Series S is about half the power, and a little more than half the price.

At $299, Series S might just beat out PS5 in terms of affordability. That is, of course, unless Sony prices their digital console lower than Series S.

The real test is in the starting lineup for games in each console. As usual Playstation has a number of console exclusive games, while the limited Xbox list may also be coming to PC. But at $299 for the smaller console, it might be worth it just to avoid the wait for new Microsoft games.

Speaking of waiting, the PS5 seems to be nearly impossible to pre-order, with queues forming by invitation only, leaving gamers frustrated that they won't be able to get their hands on a console even if it drops on time. It's a catch 22: wait for Microsoft to get some good games and spend a little less, or wait it out to try the next gen PS5 with its impressive lineup.