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Microsoft Makes Immense Promise for our Environment

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With the state of the world the way it is, there’s been a lot of talk about corporate responsibility when it comes to climate change. It’s no secret that big companies contribute to a lot of the carbon emissions and other harmful practices that contribute to the decline of earth’s atmosphere.

You see individuals on Facebook and other social media platforms showing how they are changing to less waste lifestyles and urging others to do the same, but the small differences we make don’t mean much if large corporations don’t do the same. That’s why a recent statement released by Microsoft is a huge deal.

The powerhouse technology company has made a pledge to remove all the carbon emissions it has ever released into the atmosphere. Yeah, you heard that right. They didn’t promise to cut their emissions by half or reduce them in small ways, they are promising to take steps to switching to entirely renewable and clean energy as a company, with the intent of going carbon negative.

This is not a promise to take lightly or one that will be easy, but based on the full article below, it sounds like they’re serious and are hoping other companies will follow in their footsteps in taking responsibility for the impact they have on our planet.

Find more info from the full NPR article!

Image from Tadas Sar on Unsplash.