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Midwife heard daddy inquire." 'when stretch marks will go' as wife lay on the operating table."

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After posting some of the worst stories that fathers ever heard about, two sisters have virtualized social networks, while their partners were with their birth, their partner.

It is a very stressful experience for the parents when it comes to giving birth, but mainly for the mother, who tries to drive a whole person off her body.

But it is safe to conclude that her significant other people would need a lot of help to get her through the work, and it would seem that some men might have skipped this memo if two sweets watch a viral video.

On the social media website, a midwife from TikTok, only known as @midwife tylah and an unnameable colleague, took some of the bad stuff that dads saw and heard when their baby bore.

"Midwives spill about bad dad behavior during labor and birth!" the caption read. The video begins with Tylah, who remembered when a father skipped his birth because he was too busy to validate his ticket.

Your friend shared some time with a father, who spent the whole of the work on his phone rather than being there.

They then described how one man had boldly asked, "When will the stretch marks go away?" while his significant other was still on the theatre table.

And, regrettably, there's more...

Tylah also mentioned how another father missed his child's birth because he was too busy at the bar with his friends, and how another is said to have asked the midwife if "everything would go back to normal" while the midwife was suturing.

The final story told by the women concerned a parent who attempted to place a hat on the baby as it was crowning. The pair can't stop laughing at how ridiculous the stories are. The TikTok video has since received over a million views and over 150,000 likes.

People left comments to express their support for the women who had to deal with this, while others shared their own experiences.

One person stated: "These are simply heartbreaking.  Those poor moms."

"When he says he's exhausted after a 27-hour labor/delivery," wrote another.

"If he did that to me, I'd break up with him during my labor," confessed a third.

"My ex dared to say how dull things were for him when I was in labor," someone else said.

"My partner argued that I was crying too loudly while in labor because he was trying to sleep," another user said.