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Millennial US Senator John Ossoff's Old Tweets Reveal He Loves Anime And Imagine Dragons

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Jon Ossoff’s old tweets have surfaced, and they reveal that he is a geeky millennial who loves anime and Imagine Dragons.

Ossoff, the 33-year-old documentary film producer and investigative journalist, is primed to become the first millennial senator in an aging body of legislators. The Georgian candidate was elected on Jan. 5, after defeating Republican running, Sen. David Perdue in the Georgia Senate runoff election.

Given Ossoff’s sharp rise to his seat in the US government, it was assumed that he must have meticulously handled his social media presence, steering clear of all posts and words that may or may not diminish his credibility as a lawmaker. But recently, when Ossoff’s win against Perdue was announced, some of his old tweets from his mid-20s began surfacing, revealing some of the dorky stuff that he did and liked when he was younger.

According to Slate, there was a time when Ossoff would post every dumb thing on social media. The site classifies Ossoff as a “world-class dweeb” partly for partaking in stereotypically nerdy generational fandoms. The site also revealed, in light of Ossoff’s old tweets, had he is a big-time Otaku and Imagine Dragons enthusiast.

One Anime that Ossoff was particularly fond of back in the day was Les Misérables: Shōjo Cosette (literally "Les Misérables: Little Girl Cosette"). The senator tweeted multiple clips from the show in 2012, at times citing how much he loved the characters on the show.

Ossoff’s old tweets have also revealed that he is an Imagine Dragons fan. In fact, he went to school with Imagine Dragon’s drummer. Ossoff’s love for Imagine Dragon even became a Twitter punchline earlier this week, manifesting the importance of youth inclusion in the government.

Ossoff’s tweets in the present day, however, are very responsible, and his voters are looking forward to him running the country.

Source: Slate