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Mishap of the Society

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All talk and no action! This is the state of society today.

I remember the stories I used to read about the world where life wasn’t so bad. I mean, yeah, we were in wars with other countries or helping other countries with their problems but it was never as bad as it is now. How we see society is what we’re leaving for future generations. Do we really want to leave them with this corrupted, destroyed, and the hateful world? Our world is extremely flawed. This isn’t a flaw that we should just walk and forget about. One word that I keep hearing over and over again on the news is violence. Somebody got shot, rapped, hit, etc. A place that’s known by everyone got bombed, attacked, seized, etc. No biggie, right?! What kind of world do we even live in if everyone is scared to leave their homes? You could walk out your front door and be shot?  The separation I see in the world is between gender and races. I thought we were over all this silly nonsense! Here, people call someone gay to insult them. Over the past decade the idea that we are, " born this way" or that our sexuality is genetic has become increasingly important. We’ve got people all over the world coming out that their gay but that doesn’t give us the right to judge. Being gay doesn’t flaw your personality or your judgement. Being black doesn’t make you apt to be violent, being white doesn’t make you privileged, being Asian doesn’t make you automatically smart. Really people? Stop standing around and being silent when you hear these racial/gender slanders, jokes, biased remarks. Just because we finally made gay marriage a thing here doesn’t mean our problem is solved. If you thought so, you’re in a world of hurt, my friend. Reality hasn’t kicked in if you don’t think gender and race is a problem in the world. Also, let's face it. When you talk with people in society everyone nods in positive for enabling women to equal status and power as men. Then why is the discrimination still taking place? Do women get the same respect, status and power as men today? Certainly not. All critical roles are given to men no matter how competent the female is! This is the harsh truth. Also, stop judging everyone on that dumb stereotype. Saying craps like men don't wear the colour pink. Who are you to say that, Boomer? Stop genderising everything. And real men don't cry. What's wrong if a human cries? Why you gotta problem with that? Give me an excuse. Enlighten me, please! Well, the fact actually is we are all only good at preaching stuff and pointing out flaws. We believe in words instead of actions. At first, we talk about things saying how wrong they are. Then the very next moment we are the ones who joke about this stuff. First, we claim we support every woman out there, then the very next moment we bring one down. We celebrate when a movie comes out celebrating people's sexual preferences and then the very next moment we torment someone because of their choice. That's how it is, that's how it always has been! The very first moment we support and then we oppose.