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Misleading Sign Takes McDonald's Customers To A House In Conventry

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A strange gaffe is leading McDonald’s customers to a drive-thru in a house in Coventry.


The residents observed a listing on which unintentionally guides the fast-food craving humans to a residential house on the London Road.

It states:

“The new McDonald’s location will be open for customers in 2021. Adjustments may be made to the opening date, so please refer back to this page.”


Furthermore, it dictates the location of a McDonald’s drive thru that cease to exist.

Although a new McDonald’s drive thru was planned past year in the parking area of the Asda on the London Road, the plan didn’t take place as it was rejected.

Coventry’s planning committee overruled the recommendations of the planning officers that was submitted for approval. It was rejected with six votes in opposition that highlighted the highway safety and contiguity with the schools. The meeting was held in June.

However, McDonalds has placed its appeal with the Secretary of the state last week.

The decision was delayed and a McDonald’s Spokesman has to say that:

“We are disappointed that members of the planning committee didn’t follow the recommendation from their own planning officers to approve this application.”

“After careful consideration, we have reviewed our position and have decided to appeal the decision.”

According to the plan, a dining area consisting of 100 seats, 30-space car park and a drive-thru lane was to be accommodated with the Asda car parking area.

Asda’s car park would have lost parking spaces but it was observed to be “excess to the requirements and underused”.

A petition was signed by 325 people claiming it would result in a “gridlock of an already dangerous junction”.