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Mistaken for President Trump, Former Esports Competitor TrumpSC, Gets Massive Follower Boost on Twitter

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With the removal of President Trump's account and his current suspension from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many of his supporters have been clamoring to find an account where they can get news from the president. With Trump attempting to avoid the suspension by Tweeting from other accounts, his supporters have been following various Trump-related accounts leading to issues for a former esports competitor.

Former Hearthstone and Starcraft 2 competitor Jeffrey Shih has received a massive boost in followers after the attacks on the capital in Washington DC. The reason? His account name: @TrumpSC. He commented on this recent development on Twitter stating, "Getting a lot of Twitter followers right now. I might not be who you're trying to follow. You're looking for the former president, not the Hearthstone player."

Some gaming fans have been confused about why this former esports competitor would have chosen such a decisive name. In his FAQ link posted on his Twitch profile, he answers this question. "It’s a short and powerful name. My intent was mainly to use the verb form: trump - v - to excel; surpass; outdo. I consider it the ultimate unlucky RNG that Donald Trump won the presidency."

This unique phenomenon seems to be isolated to Jeffrey for unknown reasons. According to statistics from Social Blade, other well-known people with the name of Trump, like famed Muslim rapper Tone Trump, political scientist Kris-Stella Trump, and documentary filmmaker Maxine Trump have all seen a follower decrease since the events in Washington DC. It is odd in comparison to TrumpSC's rising follower account, especially for Kris-Stella Trump who works in the political sphere and could easily be mistaken for a family member of the President for those unaware.

At the time of writing, TrumpSC has 170.5k followers and numbers are still rising despite his comments. It is unknown at this time if he is also receiving the same boost in followers on his other social media like Twitch. Barring the formerly mentioned Tweet, Jeffrey Shih has made no other comments about the domestic terrorist attack that took place in Washington DC.