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Mock Japanese Street In Guandong China Become Hotspot For Tourists Unable To Travel Due To Covid-19

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Amazing! Now visitors can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere while visiting China. China has announced that one of its major provinces is constructing a street that absolutely resembles one of the shopping roads that is located in Japan. In fact, The South China Morning Post (SCMP) refers to this street as "Ichiban Gai," which means "large shopping streets in Japan,".

The street that runs through Foshan, Guangdong province, china is locally termed as a "Japanese-style shopping mall. Ichiban Street, however, is yet not opened officially. According to the SCMP Chinese citizens are very excited and are found roaming around the area since September 19.

The Chinese province is offering an area around 330 feet long as a traditional Japanese shopping area. The premises that resemble famous commercial streets in Japan. Some reporters claimed that the area is a blend of three shopping destinations including Kabukicho [ Tokyo], Hong Kong, and Namba (Osaka). Kabukicho is the popular brightly colored red-light district of Tokyo, while Namba in Osaka is a neon-illuminated shopping district. The Chinese district area comprises houses, bars, restaurants, and cafés. The ground floors around the street were already rented out, however, the second and third floors of buildings are available at very high prices. The premises are all adorned with Japanese-style lanterns and signs. The entrance has a huge gate with the title ‘Ichibangai’.

Captivatingly, Chinese creators are skilled enough to design identical traffic lights and street signs as installed in Japan. Moreover, a fake bus stop resembles the 87 route from Shibuya Station to Tamachi Station in Tokyo. It’s nothing unusual for Chinese construction industries as the country is already known for it’s "duplitecture,".It means the re-creation of famous landmarks from around the world.