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Model ‘Humbled’ To Become The First Trans Woman To Grace Sports Illustrated Cover

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Model Leyna Bloom has become the first trans woman to grace the front cover of Sports Illustrated.

The renowned magazine front spot has been a Holy Grail for models all over the world, and even being considered is a laborious procedure.

That is why Ms. Bloom feels 'humbled' to have been picked, and she hopes that it opens up new opportunities for other trans women.

"I have had a million wonderful dreams," she wrote on Instagram, "but for girls like me, most dreams are merely fanciful aspirations in a world that often erases and omits our history and even existence."

This is such a significant moment because it permits me to continue even after my physical form has died.

"Not many people get to live in the future, so I'm gladly choosing to live forever right now."

She thanked Sports Illustrated for recognizing the value of visibility and exposure for the LGBTQIA+ community.

According to Leyna, trans women all around the world can now aspire to appear on famous magazine covers wearing nothing but a bikini and standing proudly.

"I dedicate this cover to all ballroom femme queens past, present, and future," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram photo.

"This historical moment is significant to #girlslikeus because it enables us to exist and be seen." "Many young women, like us, would never get the opportunity to pursue our aspirations or live long lives. 

I'm hoping that my cover makes folks who are battling to be seen feel respected. Allow me to be a message, leading us to a future of respect and appreciation for all women in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life." 

I think that everything we do and everyone we encounter is placed in our path for a reason. There are no mishaps.

"We're all teachers, and the possibilities are endless if you're willing to pay attention to the teachings, trust your positive instincts, and don't be scared to take risks!"

The Instagram photo has been hailed by Leyna's followers, who are overjoyed to see her on the front cover.

One follower stated that they had 'never been more in awe of someone,' while another stated that this moment made them so proud.'