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Monkeys In Bali Are Raiding Villages To Steal Food As Number Of Tourists Who Fed Them Decrease, Watch Video

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Monkeys in Bali are raiding villages after the number of tourists who fed them drops.

Due to COVID restrictions, the number of tourists visiting the Sageh village in Bali has dramatically fallen, causing the monkeys to raid the villages. As a result, Monkeys are turning to homes in the village and stealing food out of hunger.

Villagers in Sageh say that monkeys regularly hang down from their roofs and snatch anything edible at the first possible opportunity. To avoid a major raid in the village, people have voluntarily started taking fruit, peanuts, and other food items to the Sangeh Monkey Forest to prevent them from venturing into the village.

As many as 600 wild monkeys live in the forest sanctuary, swinging near the trees of the famous Pura Bukit Sari temple. The monkeys near the temple area are considered as scared and the jungle is most often used by the locals for wedding photoshoots, as well as by international visitors.