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Most Famous Full Body Fishnet Lingerie

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i'll just show you that again on the other piece is i can't tell you how much this really helps when you come to attach the casing to your bra you'll be so glad when you've got into the swing of doing this that you'll love me forever okay so plenty of steam quickly just curve this round okay give it another go just until you've got some curve and it's sitting flat and it's really the steam you need i'm not pressing on this very hard i'm just allowing the steam to shape this and give it a moment or two to cool down and there you are two lovely pre-curved pieces of casing ready to make your life a whole lot easier right i've got my channeling precurved i'm just going to sort out these other bits and pieces so this is the the wider one is the bottom band elastic.

Women's Full Body Fishnet Lingerie

That stays all in one piece the top band elastic goes along the top edge and up the strap either side of the bra so it we need to cut it in half because we have two sides to the bra so we're just going to oops there we go okay two pieces of that one piece of that the neckline trim that  full body fishnet stays in one piece and then we just need to do something with the strap elastic this has a there's enough elastic in my kits bootleg t shirt to asse that you're going to have all elastic straps but this bra doesn't have that this has the fabric straps and so we don't need all this elastic i'm going to first of all cut it in half because in any case you'd need two straps one for each side and put one piece to one side because i'm not going to use it and then the other piece i will cut in half again i feel a bit like a magician i'm going to magically form them all back together in a second uh okay so i have this is curving this elastic slightly from where it's been on a reel.

Lingerie & Underwear

It will straighten out when it's used it's not deliberately curvy about this is roughly 10 inches which is about 25 i think centimeters or so and this is all we need for the back part of each bra that's going to eventually attach to the straps so i just need two pieces more or less 25 centimeters long and i'll put that to one side as well and make a start on sewing the elastics on the eye each type of the elastic is going to be stitched on in the same manner i generally start off with the bottom band just because  black and red lingerie one long continuous vintage bootleg tees  piece and i can kind of and it's pretty much straight so i don't need to overly think things too much we're going to do the now the first part that i spoke about earlier when we were doing stitch practice the first pass of the elastic is so that we can get this fancy edge secured ultimately it will turn to the inside and just looked like that so i think i know for me anyway and i think for most beginners we we know that the elastic is going to end up on the inside and that's where we think we're going to sew it first of all but we're not going to the first part is always done on the right side