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Mother Criticizes Men Calling Them “Useless” When They Didn’t Help Her Upon Falling Off A Treadmill

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Steph, who is a mother of three, started a discussion among the netizens when she shared her video on Tik Tok which depicted how no one showed up for help when she fell off the treadmill.

Although gyms are not as crowded as before due to the pandemic, people still need to maintain their physical health. For that purpose, we all need motivation. However, this video of Steph may compel every person, who is thinking about hitting a gym, to reevaluate their decision.

The Tik Tok user fell so bad that she covered half the distance of the gym while trying to get rid of her over shirt.

She can be seen speeding backwards as she tried to remove the over shirt and unfortunately, tripped over the wall that was behind her.


The video created havoc on the internet with many criticizing the people who were present at the time of the accident.

A person commented about how no one helped her saying:

“No one stopped to help her, how are they so mean?”

Another commenter confounded:

“Video evidence of how this generation lacks chivalry, kindness for others and smarts… all in one”

One comment stated:

“Man nobody helped! Honey I would have laughed but I still would have helped you up. Poor thing!”

Steph elaborated how she raised two boys and they would have not thought before helping anyone in that situation.

She further voiced her annoyance saying:

“Unfortunately, the men were older than me, useless men”

However, Steph wasn’t bothered by the incident and stayed at the gym.

She commented: “I am still laughing at myself. I learned I cannot take off my sweatshirt on a treadmill.”