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Motivational Video Of Student Killed In Kabul University Attack Prompts Global Outrage Against IS

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Mohammad Rahid, 22, was among more than 20 students killed in a terrorist attack on Kabul University on Monday. As a gifted student, Rahid never failed to inspire. He had not only secured himself admission in his nation’s most prestigious institute but there, he was also the captain of the debate team and an English tutor. Rahid had enlisted in Kabul University seeking a bright future for himself and his nation. In his free time, Rahid made motivational videos that encouraged Afghans to strive hard for their goals and to smile in the face of adversity.

Recently, one of Rahid’s motivational videos surfaced on the internet. And the short clip has, since then, taken the world by storm. In the video, Rahid urges “even if it is tough and painful”. In another Facebook post., Rahid draws upon the gross plight of Afghans who’ve suffered from decades of conflict. “Tough times come and go, you would know who helped you, who was with you…I am trying to turn my wounds into wisdom,” he wrote.

On Monday, Rahid’s life was claimed by three gunmen when they stormed the Kabul University campus, killing over 22 students, professors, and employees in an attack that has been claimed by the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP). The attack on Kabul University marks the second attack by ISKP in 10 days. On October 24, ISKP also raided a private institution in West Kabul, killing 42, mostly students.

Source: BBC