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Muslim Woman Arrested After Getting Kicked Off American Airlines Flight For Wearing Hijab

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A recent post went viral regarding a young Muslim woman who was forced to get off an American Airlines flight because a white man in first class said the woman, sitting in coach, made him "uncomfortable." She was then arrested by the police without any given explanation. The whole flight was forced to de-board, and this caused an outrage on social media. 

The woman who was forced to leave the flight was a congressional candidate, influencer, and founder of the news platform Muslim Girl, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh. She was wearing a hijab on the flight which was the reason  the man spoke out. The public has taken this as an a racist incident and act of hate on behalf of the airlines and the unidentified man against the muslim community. Al-Khatahtbeh took to social media to post a video while the de-boarding took place. "They're de-boarding the entire plane instead of taking one person out of first class," she said. "Boycott American Airlines, you guys. Look at this!"

"Just one white guy!" says a passenger in the background, backing up Al-Khatahtbeh. 

After being taken off the flight, Al-Khatahtbeh was arrested by the police. She was then handcuffed to a bench for refusing to remove her hijab for 6 hours because the police believed she could be concealing illegal weapons under it. She was charged for trespass and delay of transportation.