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My Candle Wick Disappeared!

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Let's say you got a really great candle as a present (or maybe a not-so-great candle, if the giver just doesn't know you at all,) and you light it once. It burns for a long time, and you think "wow, I'd really like to light it again!" Match or lighter in hand, you turn it over, and are shocked to find that the wick is completely gone! Maybe the wax covered it over, or maybe the burnt wick got broken off too low, but your chosen flame can't seem to get it going again. Ugh, in the trash, right? It doesn't have to end that way! There's a couple of ways to salvage the candle without waste, if you have a double boiler or a plain old hair dryer.

If you don't want to make a whole new candle, grab a hair dryer for a quick fix. Turn it on low-- not high, that'll splatter the wax too much-- on a hot setting. Melt the top layer of the candle until the wick is visible again, about a half inch above the rest of the wax. Pour off the melted wax into disposal or another container for reuse, and relight the wick. It's really that easy, and keeps you from having to buy a new candle!

Feeling a little more crafty? Get a candle mold, double boiler, a new wick, and a weight to keep it in place. Most craft stores will have exactly what you need! break apart the candle as best you can and put in the hot double boiler. It'll melt into a pool, and you can remove the old wick. Position the new wick with the weight inside your chosen candle mold, and pour the hot wax in. Let it harden fully; this could take awhile, depending on the size of the original candle. You could even make several small tealights if you wanted! Cut the wick to about a half inch above the top of the hardened wax. Candle saved!

Have any crafts you want me to try? Tell me in the comments!

Photo: Pixabay