My first real Christmas tree in the city

Boston, MA South End

This year is going to be the first that I get a real Christmas tree for my apartment in the South End. I have always just put up the same fake one that I have stored in my closet just to make things easier. But I must say that I really do miss the smell and look of the real thing.

I know it might be difficult to find one the right size, but I’m down for the challenge! Christmas is such a special time of year, and the authentic tree just adds something that can’t really be explained.

I’m planning on going shopping for my perfect tree later this week, but was wondering if anyone has any places they go or any tips for a real tree in a not so big apartment.

I can’t wait to set this bad boy up once I find the right one.

I’m hoping that I can’t dedicate this Saturday to decorating my tree, blasting the new John Legwnd Christmas album, and drinking some tasty hot cocoa. ‘Tis the season!


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