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My White Window Blinds Turned Yellow!

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Honestly, I hate cleaning my window blinds. Even the quickest wipe down seems to take an eternity, and even more if they're in a hard-to reach window. Typically, I've always had wooden blinds, but a set of white blinds in my house seems to gather the most dust, more than my kitchen, and that's including the grease, oil, and grime from cooking! Since I hate cleaning blinds so much, I nearly wept when my blinds started turning yellow. I kept them clean, I care for them, so what gives?

After a little digging, I found out that the problem ailing my poor blinds was not dust or grime, but sun bleaching. While you'd think that it would make my brights brighter on white blinds, the sun has a different effect. Instead of fading, white blinds, in this case vinyl, turn yellow. But I didn't need to throw them out: they just needed a little more TLC. I filled my bathtub enough to submerge the blinds, and added 3 cups of bleach. After mixing it with my mop, I let the blinds soak in the tub for 10 minutes. Then, I gave them a good rinse, hung them outside to dry, and was amazed to see the blinds restored to their former luster!

Don't throw them out, bleach them! It saves you the stress of installing a new set!

Photo: Pixabay