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Mystery Samsung Notification Send to Thousands of Devices

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Early this morning, thousands of Samsung devices received a potentially startling notification. The devices' built in 'find my device' service appeared to have been activated, showing a push notification with two number ones. Tapping the alert did not appear to do anything.

Samsung customers worldwide began wondering what it all meant. Had their devices been hacked? Was there a security breach? Would their data remain secure? But fret not: Samsung confirmed that the strange notification was nothing more than an internal test, and no breach had occurred. In a statement, the company said:

"This notification was confirmed as a message sent unintentionally during internal testing and there is no effect on your device. Samsung apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers and will work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future."

The statement did not come in time to prevent panic, though. The Samsung forums and Reddit were soon alive with concerns. Customers everywhere reset their passwords, checked their connected devices, and some even threatened to deactivate their devices. Even though this was just a false alarm, it's a good time to check your device and account security.

Were you affected by the weird popup? Tell me your experience below!

Photo: Pixabay