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Naked Attraction Contestant Narrates The Time When A Woman Farted In His Mouth During Oral S*x

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In a hilarious yet confusing adventure, one naked attraction contestant narrated how one partner farted into his mouth when performing oral sex.

The wild show which hooks people up with potential lovers for dates welcomed the story of one individual Carlos, who narrated the weird incident to the show's host and sex expert Anna Richardson.

The 28-year-old Carlos who entered the show after battling leukemia explained the word accident,

“When I was a young teenager, I was down there, going to work, and the next thing I know this girl let out a fart in my mouth."

To which Anna inquired: "I take it she wasn't thrilled with what you were doing?"

"I don't know what she was thinking, I think she thought it was funny. I was just in complete shock, with a fart in my mouth," Carl responded.

Anna went on to explain the weird event which is called eproctophilia, where farting is part of the factors that develops sexual urges.

The show matches different people to become potential lovers in the future by displaying people behind colored screens, after which the screens slide revealing their old potential partners.

Carlos was able to finally select a potential candidate Lizzie he could take out on a date, however, the two individuals did not find much in common and the chemistry couldn’t go beyond just good friends,

"It's maybe more of a friend thing, but yeah, he's a good laugh," claimed Lizzie