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Naruto uzumaki

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Clan: Uzumaki- known for sealing justu, ability to survive the extraction of tailed beasts, chakra chains, and healing ability, and lots of chakra. He also married into the Hyuuga clan.

Hair color: Blond

Eye colors: Blue (Normal) Red (Kyuubi) Orange (Toad sage) Gold (Kyuubi chakra mode)

Parents: Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato (both deceased)

Godparents: Jiraya (deceased) and many have assumed that Tsunade is his Godmother.

Wife: Uzumaki Hyuuga Hinata

Children: Uzumaki Boruto and Uzumaki Himawari

Nature affinities: Wind (main), lightning, earth, fire, water, lava, boil, magnet, yin, yang, yin-yang.

Teams: Team 7, Sasuke recovery team, Konoha 11 (when Sasuke left), Konoha 12 (with Sasuke), Konoha 13 (with Sasuke and Sai), team 1, star guard team, Hanabi rescue, Kazekage team rescue, Peddlers escort team, eight-man squad, Kaima capture team, Bikochu search team.

Affiliation: Konoha, Shinobi Allied Forces, Mount Myoboku

Ranks: Academy student, Genin, chunin(games) Jonin, Academy teacher (novel) Hokage

Classification: Sensory type, Sage, Jinchuriki


Shukaku (one tail) Matatabi (two tails) Isobu ( three tails) Son Goku- not gonna type his entire name! (four tails) Kokou (five tails) Saiken (six tails) Chomei (seven tails) Gyuki (eight tails) Kurama/Kyuubi (main) (nine tails)- with these 9 tailed beasts, he also has access to the divine tree/ten tails: Deidarabotchi. And if zero tails were around in the anime, Naruto would have probably been the Jinchuriki of him too.

Gender: Male

Birthday: October tenth

Blood type: B

Tools: Shadow close summoning scroll, Ninja wire, Kunai, Shuriken, Fuma shuriken, sand (IDK but its official, prob from a game), Flying thunder god Kunai, Scroll of seals, Chakra blades, Hidden kunai mechanism




Shadow clone justu

Sexy justu (harem justu)

Reverse harem justu (Makes an annoyed face at both and mentally says: pervert)

All directions shuriken

Big Ball Rasengan

Big ball Rasen-Shuriken

Big ball spiraling serial zone spheres

Boil Release: unrivaled strength

Chakra enhanced strength

Chakra transfer technique

Clone body blow

Clone spinning heel drop

Combination transformation

Continuous tailed-beast balls

Erupting propulsion fist

Fire release: toad oil flame bullet

Frog Kata

Frog strike

Gentle step spiraling twin lions fist (Naruto the last)

Genjustu dispel

Hurricane thunderclap: majestic attire sword stroke

Ink creation (Yes I know it sounds like one of Sai's justu)

Mini Rasen-Shuriken

Multiple shadow close justu

Naruto region combo

Naruto Uzumaki combo

Naruto barrage

Naruto Uzumaki: two thousand combo

Negative emotion sensing

New sexy justu (really naruto?)

Nine tail's chakra mode

One thousand years of death

Pachinko technique


Parent and child Rasengan (Boruto and Naruto? or Minato and Naruto? Prob Boruto and Naruto)

Super Rasengan

Planetary Rasengan

Runt ball Rasengan

Sage Art: Lava Release: Rasen-shuriken

Sage Art: Magnet Release: Rasengan

Sage Art: Many ultra-big balls spiraling serial spheres

Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasen-shuriken

Sage Mode

Scorch Release: Halo Hurricane Jet black arrow style zero (Sasuke and Naruto)

Sexy justu: pole dance and nice body (I give up....... X face palm x )

Shadow clone shuriken justu

Sage of six path sage mode

Six paths senjustu

Six paths yang power

Six paths Chibaku Tensei

Six paths: Ulta-big ball Rasen-Shuriken

Soap bubble Ninjutsu

Spiraling absorption sphere

Spiraling serial spheres

Spiraling strife spheres

Strong fist

Summoning justu (toad)

Summoning justu: food cart destroyer justu

Super mini tailed beast ball (bomb)

tailed beast ball (bomb)

Tailed beast ball Rasen-Shuriken

Tailed beast chakra arms

Tailed beast full charge

Tailed Beast Rasengan

Tailed beast shockwave

Torii seal

Truth-seeking ball

Turning into a Frog justu

Typhoon water vortex justu

Ultra big ball Rasengan

Ultra-many spiraling serial spheres

Uzumaki formation

Wind Release: Rasengan

Wind style: Repeated Rasen-shuriken

Wind Release: Toad Gun

Wind Release: toad oil bullet

Wind Release: Toad oil flame bullet

wind release: Ultra big ball Rasen-shuriken

Wisdom wolf decay

(And hundred more from games movies etc that are not mentioned)

Hobbies: Watering plants, training, playing pranks

Favorite foods: Ramen, red bean soup

Least favorite foods: Uncooked veggies

Birthplace: Konohagakure

Verbal Tic: Datte'bayo

Ninja registration number: 012607

Graduation age: 12


Naruto, born to Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, was left orphaned as both his parents had died the night he was born during his sealing. As he grew up, he began to see his teacher Iruka as a father figure, and Sasuke as a brother. When he graduated, he was placed on team seven, rivals with Uchiha Sasuke, and became friendly with each other. However Sasuke had left the village, and Naruto chased after him to bring his best friend home. Meanwhile, a group called the Akatsuki hunted jinchuriki and started the fourth shinobi war-by Uchiha Madara/Obito. After the war, he married Hyuuga Hinata and had two children, Uzumaki Boruto and Uzumaki Himawari. He is also considered the hero of the leaf and became the Nanadaime Hokage.

Fun facts:

Ichiraku Ramen stand is a real place, near the college that Kishimoto attended.

Naruto got his name from the book: Tale of a gusty ninja. Written by his godfather Jiraiya.

Naruto's name means fishcake swirl (Naruto: fishcake, Uzumaki: Whirlpool/swirl). This can also refer to Uzugakure(Whirlpool country), as the Uzumaki clan originated there.

The manga started off with Naruto being a wizard, but Kishimoto's editor thought this would be too confusing and suggested a ninja.