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NASA Considering 'Turning Dead Astronauts Into Dust' To Bury Them On Space

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Recently, The United Nations has banned dumping dead bodies into space. The reason for this prohibition is the probability of the collision of the spacecraft with corpses. Subsequently, NASA has decided to look into other possible yet safe options. The ideas that could be experimented with to decompose these lifeless bodies in space. One considerable option included turning the body into total dust. The corpse is vibrated forcefully until it turns into a cloud of powdery dust.

An ecological burial company called Promessa pitched NASA to put the body meticulously that would not allow it to pollute the air. The team, hence, suggested putting the body in a Gore-Tex (air-sealed body bag). However, this pitch soon takes another turn.

The team of NASA then discussed with professionals the ecological burial technique. This technique primarily freeze-dries corpses before vibrating them into dust. Furthermore, the dust would later be used to fertilize the ground.

Despite sufficient criticism of the idea, NASA is considering this idea and the team is purposefully working on a plan. According to the scheme, the corpse would initially be frozen in the vacuum of space. Then a robotic arm would act to vibrate it into a fine powder. However, there are many other technical factors that are interrupting the progress.

In 2013, the idea was solely envisioned for emergencies on voyages to Mars. This plan however was paused because no upcoming mission to visit Mars by humans was planned. Yet, the idea of freezing corpses in space and ground to dust has a dingy reputation, but some scientific minds are still signaling it affirmatively.

Elon Musk, the founder, CEO, and chief designer of SpaceX; who is chiefly involved in sending humankind up into space, has admitted that a bunch of people will probably die’ during SpaceX’s missions to reach Mars. With this risk in mind, the vibrating and dusting the corpse technology could be reviewed, however, the other idea of getting rid of the corpse is simply blasting them into space.