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NASA is tracking conspiracy theorist claims that the asteroid Eros is a 'hiding alien base.'

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According to a self-proclaimed alien expert, NASA 'has data' to prove an alien base is hidden in the Asteroid Eros.

Scott C. Waring took to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, to explain why NASA has been keeping a close eye on the 16.8km long space rock for years.

On January 11, the conspiracy theorist wrote, "This is a structure on an asteroid called Eros." Eros is well-known for being the first asteroid to be orbited by a spacecraft. And it's easy to see why when you look at these photos.

"As you can see, NASA always moves for a reason. They don't guess...they have data on which they rely, and we now know why they went to see Eros. They wanted to learn more about the structures there.

"I'm wondering if they discovered a signal coming from this asteroid, something out of the ordinary that compelled them to undertake this mission." How did they know it had these structures on it? I suppose they'll never say."

On YouTube, one of his fans commented, "This was very interesting, the square-shaped entrance was fascinating."

"This is how cults begin," said another.

A third person stated: "Why is there a haunted house or structure on the crater's inside face? Did anyone else notice this? It's as if they were attempting to conceal something."

However, Waring and his subscribers aren't the only ones who believe in this wild theory, as reports surfaced in 2018 that an unusual object could be seen on the 433 Eros asteroid.

The images show a rectangular structure on the surface of the space rock.

According to NASA scientists, the object is a large, rectangular buyer that is 148 feet wide.

However, online commentators were quick to call the space agency's released documents into question, with some even claiming the object resembled a mining machine.

"Looks like a mining machine," one commentator said.

"Sure, boulders now come in perfect rectangular shapes with sharp corners, and some come in large long round white cigar shapes as well," another remarked sarcastically.