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Nasa reveals the future of space flight In an astounding sci-fi animation

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In a new science fiction film, NASA presented its future vision for human space exploration.

"Visions of the Future," a one-minute short video, depicts vacation destinations booked through the Exoplanet Travel Bureau, such as the Moon and Mars.

Venus features a futuristic observation deck that resembles an ice cream cone with a giant glass on top, but Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, is orbited by a metal bubble with a family inside staring out at the planet surrounded by rings.

Another astronaut kayaks on Titan, another of Saturn's moons, and yet another skydive into exoplanet HD 40307 g, which has been discovered to be a potential "super-Earth."

; that could have a favorable climate. water and even life. The movie was inspired by NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab's series of trip posters, with the agency revealing a series of behind-the-scenes pictures demonstrating the before and after using green screen technology.

Human exploration of other planets appears to be becoming a more realistic possibility with the development of private space travel, while many have criticized the billionaires responsible for not assisting those in need on Earth or addressing climate change.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, stated that the first vehicle will be sent to Mars in 2022, followed by humans in the next four to six years.

"I am pretty confident that humanity will fly to Mars in six years." "If we're lucky, we might have four years, and then we'll aim to send an unmanned vehicle there in two years," he stated in December 2020.

"I am primarily interested in inventing technology that will allow many people to travel to Mars and make life multi-planetary, to have a base on the moon, a city on Mars, and I believe we must aim to create a self-sufficient city on Mars as soon as possible."

The billionaire believes that terraforming — blasting the globe with nuclear weapons at its poles to melt ice sheets and hasten to warm – will be a critical component of surviving on other planets.

"In the beginning, life was lived in glass domes. "It will eventually be terraformed to support life, much like Earth," he stated.

The journey to another realm, however, will not be easy. "A bunch of individuals will probably die in the beginning," he admitted openly in an April 2021 interview. Even if humans do arrive at Mars, the battle to construct Martian laws between these societies and Earth's governments will be fierce and unlikely. It will be resolved as soon as possible.