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National Interschool Cyber League in Philippines to Host Dota 2 Competition

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In the US people might expect highschool competitions in Football or Track, but in the Philippines, esports is where it's at! The National Interschool Cyber League began in 2020 and allows competitors ages 16-22 to compete in Valorant. Now, the interschool esports league will be adding Dota 2 to its competitive games list.

The Mineski Philippines’ Youth Esports Program, otherwise known as YEP, is attempting to promote grassroots esports for competitive youth while instilling values that promote responsible gaming in events such as these. “Over the years, gaming in the Philippines has evolved from its rep of casual hobby and is now being recognized worldwide as a legitimate sport," said YEP Program Director Marlon Marcelo. "YEP, through NICL, strives to continuously redefine esports for students and schools and work with them to incorporate esports into their varsity programs.”

This isn't just a small league between a few schools either. Over 1,000 teams from more than 200 schools competed in their first event and this one is set to draw an even larger crowd. Those that win regionals will have a chance to win up to 30,000 PHP (about $634 USD) in prizes with the team that wins it all snagging a whopping 150,000 PHP (about $3,122 USD).

“Competing in DOTA tournaments has opened a lot of doors for me, and I want to recreate that for today’s youth by providing more accessible and more structured programs like YEP and NICL," Mineski Global CEO and Founder Ronald Robins said. "Suffice to say, the second leg of NICL is very close to my heart, and I am inviting all eligible students to participate.”

Registration of the event is still ongoing and closes on January 29th.