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Need To Monetize Your Digital Book? Utilize These Tips To Bring In The Cash, Selling Digital Books Online.

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In this article concerning book publishing online, I want to discuss fascinating powerful methods on how you can yield enormous dividends selling your book online from the help of the most popular publishing platforms. 

Some of the information collected here in this article exists based on my trial and errors. And some, however, are based on other authors, that have themselves contributed brilliant tips for writing astonishing content - making immense sums of money online with books. 

So, let us take a dive into the writing and publishing abyss, and begin reaping what we sow, and know: 

Whether your primary interests are trying to generate a secondary income stream or become a formidable force to be reckoned with in your industry niche, monetizing your eBook can be the first step in the right direction for you. And that’s not just because it gives you the chance to multiply your bank balance, but mainly because of the possibility of creating a long term revenue source. 

Thanks to the innovation of the digital space today, selling EBooks online just got easier. Gone are the good old days where people were only limited to buying books in stores, renting from libraries, or borrowing from friends. 

In this age, however, anyone, anywhere can publish their work, upload it to their website, or any other accessible platform, and make it accessible for download worldwide. Not only does this new innovative idea make materials available to the global community, but it also permits the writers and authors to sell more, much more than they would have done otherwise.

Selling EBooks online:

Since you are here on this page exploring ways to monetize your EBook, I want to assume that you already know what an EBook is, and you understand the rudiments involved in creating a fascinating, catchy, and compelling one. Because, regardless of the number of tips I share with you in this post on how to monetize your works, if your publications aren’t up there with the best, or at the very least, appealing to your target audience, there is little guarantee that you’ll sell at all, let alone create the passive income stream you so desire. 

It is usually more beneficial to piggyback onto other larger and more popular publishers. This way here, you can take advantage of their many useful resources. Always make sure you are honest with yourself when making these choices. Sometimes, the truth hurts. I am continually striving to be straightforward with myself, as a result, I am uniformly in agony from attempting to be candid with myself, so I can take my career to the next level. Hey, nobody said it would be easy.  

Anyway, when it comes to publishing and selling EBooks online, writers are quite spoiled for selections, in terms of the platforms open to them. In that light, here is a quick lowdown on some of the most popular.

Self-publish your work on Amazon Kindle:

As you already know, Amazon isn’t just a retail store where people satisfy their grocery and fashion cravings only. On their platform, there is room for educational and informative pieces too. 

If you’re looking to monetize that exceptional work, you’ve taken years to compile, self-publishing on Amazon Kindle should be the first thing on your mind, and for obvious reasons. 

Kindle Direct Publishing is more like the holy grail of EBook publishing: and not only because it is world-renowned, but a tremendous two-thirds of the EBook-purchasing market is held by Amazon. 

On the bright side, Amazon makes the Kindle app available for download on computers, tablets, and smart mobiles, which means that almost everyone can gain access to your Kindle EBook, even if they don’t have a Kindle. 

Furthermore, Kindle also provides you with some promo offers, which allows you to give your book away for free. Yes, I know this may sound a lot like a counterproductive tip, but trust me, you’ll create interest that can pay off big later.

But that’s not even all; Amazon Kindle also offers your customers the opportunity to make physical copies of your work - anywhere in the world for free. So, once someone buys your book on Kindle, they can print it anytime and anywhere they like, thereby saving you any storage or inventory costs. 

Lastly, you can also leverage Amazon’s partnership with the popular audio brand, Audible, so that you can make an audio version of your book. That way, people can first listen to what your book is about, before proceeding to make a purchase. And nowadays, Audible is becoming the most popular way for people, due to everyone being so busy these days. 



Nook is accountable for up to a quarter of online book readership. So, if you’re choosing to publish on Nook, you can lay to rest any lingering fears you have about whether the global community will discover your work or not. 

One very big advantage of publishing your EBook with Nook is that it allows for collaboration, so if you are writing your book with another writer, Nook might be a great place for you to look. 


There is no denying that Apple products have taken the global community by storm, and as such, there’s hardly anywhere you can go that you won’t find an i-product of different sorts. In this light, being able to get your EBook on any of the Apple products can be a great step in the right direction for you. 

Publishing with iBooks – the bookstore of Apple – means that your work will be available to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

For authors who have written EBooks, including a cookbook, children’s books, photo book, or any other type of EBook with loads of multimedia features, Apple iBookstore is simply a great place to look into. Typically, royalties are off the list price, and there are no listing fees charged.

Other notable options include Smashwords publishing and Digital2Digital. These are only a few options available to you. 

Nevertheless, you need to do your research and find out which publishing platform is better for you concerning your situation. 

I can write forever on this subject, but simply don't have the necessary time to do so at the moment. But I highly advise you to be careful in your choices with publishers in general. There are plenty of scumbags out there in this industry, and sometimes they lie only feet away from the most popular brands. But nothing ventured is nothing gained, so you must eventually take the plunge, and make sure you at least make calculated risks with your publishing choices. 

Please contact me here for any further questions you may have regarding this subject, and I will do my best to get back to you. Good luck, and remember, "Never Give Up."