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Neekolul Trolls Twitter Fans By Faking Her Twitch Ban

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Neekolul, a Twitch streamer prominent for playing games like Among us who also happens to be a popular Youtuber recently pranked her pranks by pretending to be banned from the streaming platform.

The 23-year-old female streamer and TikTok personality replaced her Twitter account’s display picture and username with that of “StreamerBans” an account with 260K following dedicated to the task of informing its twitter community of recently banned streamers.

The streaming giant Twitch has recently reformed and made new policies regarding the use of appropriate language, copyrighted content, and online behavior of several gaming personalities which is why many of the gaming industry’s stars have been banned from the platform. Therefore, the female star managed to fool many of her Twitter fans.

One of Neekolul’s Twitter posts read,

“Twitch Partner “Neeko” has been banned!” accompanying relevant emojis and hashtags which successfully covered up her account to look like StreamerBans. 

Despite the post showing her username, many fans fell for the post. One such fan tweeted, “I f***ing fell for this sh*t, I can’t believe it.” While another wrote, “I have to say you really got me.”

Twitch users Karl Jacobs and Classify also responded to the prank with Karl tweeting, “FROM BEING TOO EPIC?!” and Jacob quoting, “Finally, been reporting it for days.” 

Apart from reacting to strange videos and memes on her YouTube channel, the Twitch star also went viral Last year TikTok with her famous “Oki Doki Boomer” video.