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Negative support

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The Public's intellect use to sleep until partiality shows up. Somehow we discover nepotism, and we all want to support the victims. In this case artist, what could be the best way to support underrated artists? Maybe defaming, mocking, and blind hate toward the famous and successful artists can do the job. This is what everyone is doing on social media mocking and abusing famous stars i.e. why you succeed because of you the underrated artists and talents suicide. "Famous and success of an artist is a cause of Depression and failure of underdogs", A big NO to this thinking, this is not supporting you are just a man who grew up with lots of hate and negativity. Trending and circulating false and hate facts about the famous ones won't help the new ones.

Rather than praising, promoting, and cheering the new artist, so that they can feel they are worthy. What we do is just opposite to this. This stuff is not about the new and underrated talent but more than that. India is facing faceoff with China. According to BBC, 20 Indians soldiers died and 43 Chinese soldiers died or injured (Not confirmed). The ratio of dead keep updating, people of both nations keep celebrating on social media that our army killed more, there is less sorrow that how many sons, husbands, and brothers have lost their lives. Following the logicless social media pages will affect your psychology and positivity, boycott the hate before its too late. War never causes happiness.