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Nestlé Takes Interest in Brazil - KitKat Sponsors CBLOL for 2021 Season

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Break me off a piece of that esports revenue! Today, KitKat (yes the chocolate bar) announced a deal to sponsor the Brazilian League Of Legends Championship for its 2021 season. KitKat will also be partnering with Riot Games during broadcasts of the Mid Season Invitational, the League Of Legends World Championship and All-Stars events.

“The new partnership with KitKat is the perfect way to premier our competitive season in League Of Legends," said Carlos Antunes, Head Of Esports from Riot Games Brazil. "Partnerships with companies like Nestlé, a well known brand and close to our community, are milestones in the world of Esports, showing not just the progress of electronic sports, but how much games are present daily in a relevant part of the Brazilian population.”

This strategic move makes sense with the company wanting to foster goodwill, and potentially gain sales, from the Brazilian market after it added another production line to its factories in Caçapava and Vila Velha in 2020. These additions cost an estimated 762.9 million BRL, the equivalent of $139.4 million USD, and Nestlé wants to make sure the investment pays off.

“As part of the brand strategy, KitKat wants to get closer to the gaming universe and explore the concept of ‘break’ at different times of the event, creating a long-term relationship for people to enjoy and connect with the brand," said Patricia Nacamuta, Marketing Manager of KitKat in Brazil. "KitKat has been betting on this and, to become closer to Generation Z, it is something we want to build for years to come."

It's not just the KitKat brand that has Nestlé interested in Brazilians. Nestle announced in 2019 that it would be investing over $250 million dollars into its operations in Sao Paulo state in Brazil over three years. At the time, Chief Executive for Nestlé Brazil Marcelo Melchior commented, “Sao Paulo state is greatly important to our story, as it hosted our very first factory (in Brazil).” 

There is no information at this time if KitKat will be investing in other events involving Riot Games or other esports at this time.