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Nestlé Toll House Will Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes This Holiday Season

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Now this was announced over a month ago, but there's so much information constantly thrown at us on the internet it's really easy to miss some things. So if you're like me and you never came across it, I'm here to fill you in on some crucial holiday joy,

Nestlé Toll House will be releasing 'The Grinch' inspired cookie dough called A Pinch of Grinch. The dough is ready to bake in the package, comes in the iconic Grinch shade of green, and is topped with a red m&m heart in honor of the Grinch's heart that grows three sizes by the end of his tale. 

Although I wasn't totally on board with this remake, being a huge lover of both the original animated movie and the live action one starring Jim Carey, the movie and these cookies are such a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive for a new generation of children the way it was for us. Can we really complain about spreading joy?

You can pick up your Pinch of Grinch dough at your local grocery store this holiday season for a mere $3. 

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Pinch of Grinch Cookies