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Netflix Halts All Production Over COVID-19 Concerns

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Obviously with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, there are a lot of news stories circulating the internet about it. Although I'm going to do my best to still bring interesting, fun, informative posts on other topics, it's hard to completely avoid talking about the virus and providing updates because the majority of breaking news is related to it, and it's important to stay informed.

In a still entertainment related story, Netflix has halted all production of their original content in the U.S. amidst the growing concerns over the virus. Production stopped after the initial closing of their Los Angeles offices after catching wind of a potential case of the virus among their employees. 

The production shutdown includes beloved show Stranger Things, which was in the midst of filming it's fourth season when the virus outbreak occurred. 

The streaming giant has, as of now, only declared a two-week shutdown of all production, but with the pandemic situation changing so rapidly and consistently, there's no guarantee that this decision won't change in the near future. 

So it looks like for now, we'll have to settle for finding shows on Netflix we overlooked before now or watching reruns of our favorites while we all quarantine ourselves, and we'll wait out however long this pandemic is going to ride.

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