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Netflix's 'You' is Getting a Second Season

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You'd think there wouldn't be enough story to tell about a stalker boyfriend to last you more than one season right? Well, YOU would be wrong. Wow those puns are too easy.

Netflix is currently producing a second season of the popular show 'You' that came out last year. Originally the show aired on Lifetime and made it's way to Netflix after the initial run. But Netflix surprised everyone by picking up the creepy show from Lifetime and plan on premiering it on their streaming services at the end of this year.

The show is based off of a book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. The story follows Guinevere and Joe who meet one at the bookstore Joe works at and become infatuated with each other very quickly. She falls for him hard as he seems perfect for her, but maybe a little too perfect, and he becomes obsessed with her as well, certainly more than a littls. This whirlwind romance turns deadly as secrets are revealed on both sides, but who's secrets are worse? 

Color me skeptical, having never seen the show, but this kind of story seems like something that could be told in one season and there can't be that much more to tell, can there? Well, I supposed this means Netflix has a great, if unintentional marketing tactic, and having a second season of the show being produced by them with no involvement by Lifetime may draw in viewers who didn't initially watch the first season. I myself may have to watch it now just out of curiosity as to where a second season can carry it. 

The shows stars 'Gossip Girl' alum Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail from Once Upon a Time and Dead Summer, and 'Pretty Little Liars' sweetheart Shay Mitchell. 'You' season 2 drops on Netflix on December 26th.

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