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Netherlands Bakery Makes Paracetamol Ice-Cream To Help Cure Bad Hangovers

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Seeing weird ice cream flavors isn’t so uncommon these days. But when you get an ice cream flavored as a medicine, it surely is something to get surprised about.

According to Bndestem, a small town bakery called ‘Nagelkerke’ in The Netherlands created a Paracetamol (or Panadol, as it's known by its brand name in Asia) infused ice cream. The idea behind this ice cream was to help people cure their hangovers left by big carnivals that the local culture there celebrates. It’s a novel solution to a mundane problem; a cure to hangovers that is sold as a treat at the same carnivals.

Right now, the sale of ice cream has been halted as the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has instituted a ban on the treat. The authority says that since there is a high level of paracetamol in the ice cream, the bakery must have a permit required to administer the medication, which kinda turns it into a clinic bakery… that just sounds too complex.

The owner of the bakery, Jan Nagelkerke said that he would not be selling it but instead, the peculiar ice cream is to be put on display for people to see and get a good laugh.