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Never Eat the Chicken Tendon Again

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You've probably noticed the chicken tendon before, but maybe didn't know what to call it. Look at a raw chicken breast, and you'll see a weird white stringy part. That's no mistake: that's biology! What you're seeing is a tendon, and it's 100% safe to cook and eat. However, a lot of us don't care for it, because it can be a bit tough or rubbery, and choose to remove it.

The trouble is, the tendon doesn't usually come out in one piece! If you're cleaning the chicken breast by hand, it might be quite a chore to pull it out. A trick to remove the tough stuff has gone viral on TikTok, but it's actually a very old trick that I love! Get ready: I'm about to save you hours of chicken cleaning over the course of your life.

First, grab a fork. Place the fork at the top of the tendon and press so that it squishes through the tines. Then, grab the end of the tendon poking through the tines, and hold it firmly (you may want a paper towel: it can be slippery), then pull the fork down the tendon. It should easily separate from the rest of the chicken!

Photo: Pixabay