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Never Get Lipstick on Your Teeth Again

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This is just a quick tip, but it's one that have spared me countless embarrassing situations. If you wear lipstick, have you ever had someone do the covert tapping on their teeth, to let you know something is off? No, it's not spinach between your teeth; it's the gaudy, colorful mark across your pearly whites. Lipstick may look great on lips, but it doesn't look so great streaked across your teeth! But that's just a fact of wearing lipstick, right? Actually, no! There's a very simple way you can prevent it!

Once you apply your moisturizer, lipstick, gloss, liner, and any other products you like, purse your lips around your clean thumb. Keeping your lips closed around the thumb, pull it out of your mouth. You'll probably notice a little bit of lipstick on your thumb, but none on your teeth, and no damage to your lip color. It stops lipstick from getting on your teeth by removing it from the part of your lips that falls on or near your teeth. If there's no lipstick there to rub off on your teeth, none can get there unless you bite or lick your lips. So no more fretting, your teeth will be lipstick-free! Remember to do it again every time you apply color.

Photo: Pixabay