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New App Translates Cat Meows Into Words That Humans Understand

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Meow Talk is an app that can translate the cat’s sound. This application has been developed by a former Amazon Alexa engineer Javier Sanchez . Technology has reached extraordinary lengths to introduce innovative tools. One such example is an online application. Besides these human dominant apps, some smart minds are also working to develop animal-friendly techno-solutions. Meow Talk is one such model. 

When your cat meows, the Meow Talk app records the sound and then attempts to configure the meaning.

The cat's owner, in fact, aids to identify the meow. This in turn develops a database for the artificial intelligence software. Presently the application can translate 13 phrases as built-in vocabulary including: “I’m angry!”, “Feed me!”, and “Leave me alone!” 

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning software can better understand each individual cat's voice. It helps to record and label a cat’s meow. The frequent and repeated use of the sound will help to understand the accurate meaning. According to the sources, the developers are working to create a useful smart-collar. Through this collar, the techno gears can translate your cat’s meow. A human voice then speaks the meaning of the cat’s language. 

Surprisingly, all cats have unique meows, best fitted to its owner’s conversation. It means that the app translates differently with each individual. A former Amazon engineer Javier Sanchez, project manager at tech company Avelon, has created this – app. Sanchez explained NBC. "It's not a language. They don't share words or communicate with each other. Cats never meow at each other out in nature."  

Source: People