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New 'BioShock 4' details revealed

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The first BioShock video game came out in 2007 and was a smash hit and was quickly followed by BioShock 2 in 2010 and BioShock Infinite in 2013. The first two games take place in a futuristic, underwater civilization called Rapture while Infinite was set in a futuristic city in the sky called  Columbia. The series is tied together by the mechanics of "plasmids", mutations your character can inject to gain powers to help in your quests. It's been 7 years since the last game but fans have waited patiently and now finally their patience is starting to pay off.

In August 2020 Cloud Chamber Games, the developer for the upcoming BioShock installment, posted job listings looking for multiple roles to fulfil; the jobs include Animation, Art, Game Design and Scripting, Programming, and Producing and Management. The descriptions for these listings gave us some insight into what we may expect from the new title. The first thing we know is that BioShock 4 won't be set in Rapture or Columbia as the development listing says that Cloud Chamber is looking for people to "breathe life into a new and fantastical world". Next, the Cinematic Artist position wants someone with "Wes Anderson like precision and panache in your camera positioning and movements" along with "impeccable timing" and a "fantastic eye" for action.

In December, we got some more information through new job listings as well. Cloud Chamber Games has said that BioShock 4 is "ambitious" and "full of character and personality". The biggest news comes with the fact that Cloud Chamber Games is looking for people with role-playing game (RPG) experience. They need someone to design "dialogue systems" and said that the game is a "narrative-driven project". This is much different from any of the previous games as there has always been set dialogue with very little choices. The description has been likened to the set up for Fallout or Mass Effect. This information, coupled with the statement that the project will feature "an emergent sandbox world", indicates that BioShock 4 will be more interactive and have some element of an open-world design. While not much is known at the moment, Cloud Chamber Games seems to be taking the series in an new direction and I, for one, am excited to see where it goes.