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New Dead by Daylight DLC coming December 1st

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Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game that has had a strong, loyal fanbase since its release in 2016. The video game has become even more popular since August of 2020 when it enabled a cross-play feature that users on different systems to connect and play together for the first time. In the game you can play as killers or survivors that compete against each other. Each match has four survivors and one killer. The survivors need to turn on five generators to open the exit gates and the killers try to stop them by damaging generators and attacking survivors with their weapon. There are a host of DLC’s already, including some licensed characters such as the main characters form Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Stranger Things. Now, Dead by Daylight is releasing a new, original DLC pack named Binding of Kin that includes a new killer and a new survivor.

What is unique about this release is that the new killer is a 2-in-1, literally. Meet Victor and Charlotte Deshayes, otherwise known as “The Twins”. All characters in Dead by Daylight are surrounded by unique lore, here’s a peak into the history of The Twins, “A pair of conjoined twins, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like none other. The unlikeliness of their successful birth in the 17th century could be described as miraculous, yet it immediately brought about their life of persecution. The twins emerged with Victor's lower body affixed into the chest of his sister, legs twisted around her muscles and organs. He was smaller than Charlotte, grown as if he were an appendage of her body rather than a fully formed boy. As the newborns screeched, so too did the midwife who delivered them, running from the home, yelling of a demon birthed by a witch. So began the hunting of Charlotte, Victor, and their mother Madeleine.”

The Twins went live in the Public Test Build (PTB), a beta version of the game on Steam for players to tryout characters and give feedback to the developers before DLC’s are released to the main server. Every killer comes with 3 unique perks The Twins include Hoarder, Oppression, and, Coup de Grâce.

Perk Descriptions

Hoarder – You protect what little you have and are perceptive to those rummaging through stockpiles. Receive a loud noise notification for 4 second when survivors interact with a chest or when they pick up an item within 24 meters of your location (meters rise as you level up the character). The Trial begins with up to 2 additional chests in the environment. The rarity of items found in all chests is decreased.

Oppression – Life has been difficult for you, so you’ll make it difficult for others. When you damage a generator up to 3 other random generators also begin regression. If the affected generators are being repaired, any survivors repairing them receive a difficult skill check. Oppression has a cool-down of 120 seconds (seconds decrease as you level up the character).

Coup de Grâce – As the end nears, you go for the kill. Each time a generator is completed, Coup de Grâce grows in power. Gain 1 Token per generator. Consume 1 Token to increase the distance of your next lunge attack by 60% (percentage increases as you level up the character).

The DLC also includes a new survivor named Élodie Rakoto, an occult investigator on the run from a cult known as The Black Vale. Her lore says, “Born into a lush Parisian household, Élodie Rakoto grew up in a comfortable home miles away from the verdant island of Madagascar, her parents' birthplace. Her backpack was always heavy and usually contained no schoolwork. She carried the essentials: a few history books, some printed maps, and a compact shovel. Instead of wasting away with regurgitated facts from her classes, she explored the city to discover the stories behind each statue, neighborhood,  and street sign. She collected bits and pieces of Paris, making it her own. When she was fourteen, her parents took her to Dyer Island for a business trip… A sharp thunderclap and lightning whipped the sky. The ground shook as sleek, obsidian claws tore through the concrete floor, ripping the earth open.  The building began to collapse and Élodie spotted her mother wielding a bizarre instrument while her father told her to run. Then -- Complete darkness. Élodie never saw her parents again.” Élodie Rakoto also went live in the PTB and her unique perks are Appraisal, Deception, and Power Struggle.

Perk Descriptions

Appraisal – You have a careful eye that notices what many overlook. Start the trial with 3 Tokens. When a chest has already been opened, consume 1 Token to search it for an item. Search opened chests 40% faster  (percentage increases as you level up the character).

Deception – Your adventurous lifestyle requires moments of crafty misdirection. Interact with a locker while holding the sprint button to trigger a loud noise notification for the killer at your location instead of entering the locker. You will not leave any scratch marks for 3 seconds. Deception can only be triggered once every 60 seconds (seconds increase as you level up the character).

Power Struggle – You’ve never given up and you’re not about to start now. While being carried by the killer, reaching 35% wiggle progression activates Power Struggle. While Power Struggle is active, you can drop a nearby, standing pallet to stun the killer and be released. Power Struggle is deactivated when it triggers successfully (percentage decreases as you level up the character). If you are a fan of multiplayer or horror games check out Dead by Daylight, available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile.