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New RPG game based on The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance being released for the holidays

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One of the most popular Dungeons and Dragons podcasts The Adventure Zone (TAZ) is teaming up with Twogether Studio to translate their story arc Bureau of Balance into a full campaign that you can play at home. TAZ is a creation of the McElroy family who have dominated the podcast scene since the release of My Brother, My Brother, and Me in 2010 hosted by Griffin, Justin, and Travis McElroy. In TAZ the three brothers are joined by their father Clint to partake in a fantasy adventure that started out as a D&D module called Lost Mine of Phandelver but has morphed into something bigger and has changed the way many play the game.

Since The Adventure Zone emphasizes story-telling over game mechanics players have more leeway on what they can and cannot do. The most unique part about the campaign is that there is no Dungeon Master (DM) who runs the game, instead players draw from a deck of cards that give them challenges that they will have to overcome on their journey. The game also puts a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in order to make it work. The game can be played with as little as two people which is very difficult to do in a traditional D&D game. 

While the game has many TAZ specific jokes included (given the fact the podcast is an improv show it would be almost impossible not to include the goofs the McElroy's throw out on the spot) it can still be enjoyed by anyone who hasn't heard the show before. All that is required is a love of tabletop games and fantasy settings. If you want your copy of The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Game before the holidays you should order as soon as you can since they're being set to ship on December 22nd. Link to the game page can be found here: