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New South Wales Police In Search Of Creepy Criminal Who Has Unique “Venus Flytrap Eyes”

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NSW police officers are in search of a criminal who previously murdered a teenage beauty queen, by sharing his creepy “Venus Flytrap Eyes” mugshot for easy and immediate recognition.

Jay William short was on probation period when he committed several drug-related crimes which lead to a years-long chase by the police to capture him again. Short was notoriously known for his brutal 1997 killing of a 19-year-old Alison Lewis, in Lithgow, the New South Wales Central Tablelands.

The Young beauty contestant was departing from a nightclub to have a swimming trip with her friends when Short strangled and stabbed her and dumped her in a long-jump sandpit. He was later charged with the murder and served 20 years in jail till 2016 after which he was released on a probation period.

The NSW police eventually had to look for him again because of several reports of drug offenses and domestic violence crimes which broke the parole rules. While wanting public attention and a more efficient way of catching the sinister individual, NSW police used his mugshots which showcased his very strand eyelids, somewhat resembling a Venus Flytrap.

Under the comments section of the NSW police’s Facebook post, people left shocked and somewhat creeped out by the peculiar features.

One wrote, “Keep on the lookout for a man with eyes that look like tiny Venus fly traps…”

While another penned, “Should be relatively easy to find a bloke with those eyes you'd think.”

Another user pointed out an uncanny resemblance, “Notable features: has literal shark teeth for eyelids.”

Described as having Caucasian features, 175cm height, thin figure with brown hair and eyes, NSW police have advised the public to not approach him if he comes to notice and instead call triple zero (000) instantly.