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New Study Finds More Reasons For Marijuana to Be Normalized

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As if the medicinal, recreational, economic reasons weren’t enough to completely legalize and normalize hemp and other cannabis plants and products, a new study has found that the plant has a high chance of repopulating the dwindling bee population.

The dying of bees has been a serious problem for a few years now, a serious problem as they are a crucial to our environment’s ecosystem. But apparently if we keep pushing the booming business of marijuana, we have a good opportunity to rectify the damage that has been done.

Marijuana plants maintain an immense amount of pollen that is an attractant for bees, especially so with taller plants. So, if we were to start growing more crops of plants and allowing them to reach towering heights, the bee population could flourish. The plants are said to attract 16 different species of bees, so this isn’t just a small step kind of solution, it’s a real game changer.

The process toward a fully-fledged cannabis growing, harvesting, and selling industry has been slow to start over the past few years, but hopefully with this news the people in power still holding it back form flourishing will finally put personal biases aside to let this cash crop flourish into something that can truly be beneficially to us holistically.

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Image from Kai Wenzel on Unsplash.