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But ready to write long essays meaningful n powerfully. I'm not too introverted when I'm in my house I socialise frequently liking to talk til I run out of ideas but who can blame me when I'm too talkative? I'm just wanting to communicate better n sharpen my conversation skill because my family loves listening, can't blame them for loving me this so much to like spending tedious time with me as I blabber til next day. I wish I can talk for hours until sun set or rise yet I'm not superhuman, talking for long especially while standing makes me weak in my thighs n knees for not sitting down often. I swear what I'm telling u is true I just can't stand like shop keepers or managers who stand while working plus they attend to needs a lot when people pass by while I admire their stamina n strength for being able to stand long hours without getting fired if they too tired wholly in those legs which used to stand straight. If I had strong athletic legs I can stand as long time as those ones in supermalls. Yet I can't I have my health limit when it comes to using too much strength in straight hours timing. Truthfully so? So what? 

Tattoed legs with crusty wounds :3