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New update for pubg mobile : New map in classic mode

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It’s a great news for hardcore pubg mobile fans that there is a new map upcoming for pubg mobile . it would be the first map in pubg franchise which would be firstly arriving on mobile versions firstly not on console and pc versions. Tencent has started its trial on beta version of the pubg mobile . this new map is long awaited map as for a long time pubg mobile hasn’t provided with new maps in classic mode . this new map is rumoured to be arriving on the game in next season.

                This new map in beta version is caaled “secret map”. This map was teased by the official handle of pubg on its twitter handle with a jigsaw puzzle of four pieces of a map. This map was first explored by a youtuber powerbang gaming on his channel . He said that this new map is about 2x2 km in size and it is bigger than Sanhok and smaller than Erangel map that we already know. This new map is said to be mix of both Erangel and Vikendi . its terrain seems to be blend of terrain of Erangel and Miramar map , because it is green like Erangel, but the rocks and boulders are like Miramar map as there are too many boulders and uneven terrain so it is difficult to any high speed car pursuit between the cars for the kills.


                                                        credit: pubg mobile

                        Pubg has done quite a large amount of work on topographical and redesigning of animation of building the green areas have bushes and grasses that are dark green or algael in colour and the buildings are to differently designed . this map is about 80% of green part while rest 20% is the snowy part which is present at the top part of the map.

                         This map as known vehicles of Erangel like Bike, UAZ, Buggy, but the star of this map that takes away all the eyeballs is the “monster truck “which is ideal for this map. for it nothing is too big to overcome it can seamlessly drive over all boulders and rocks without a drop of sweat. Though it is rarely found on the map but if luck hits at the right place then it is the time for a joyride on the mighty monster truck. There is also a new SMG P90 available on the map which uses 9mm bullets having 50 bullets in a cartridge. A new Shotgun spas–12 is added which uses 12 gauge shells, and a feature in it is this gun is self-silenced at least in beta versions.

                         Also there a new feature in it is that when you knock and kill a enemy then the internal audio says “enemy down” and when you spot a enemy in the crosshairs of the gun it says “enemy spotted”. There are also some new types of crates available which are golden and dark grey in colour which provides you with a fully kitted gun and some armours and helmets.

                                The another new intriguing feature of the map is that it has waterfalls and there some motion physics involved in it, i.e, the water is moving and if you jump in it would take you in the direction of the flow of the water. This new map promises a ton of loot for everyone at till now in beta mode.

                         Thank you soo you guys for reaching this blog page of mine, I really appreciate i . hope you will visit again to know about some new stuff.