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Newbee And Former Team Banned For Life By Valve For Match Fixing

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Cheating has been an issue for a long time in competitive esports. While most companies do a good job to try and prevent it from happening as much as possible there will always be cheaters that manage to slip through. This is not the case for the Chinese esports organization Newbee who was banned for life from competing in DOTA 2 for match fixing.

The Chinese esports team Newbee was founded in 2014 and has featured teams and players competing in Hearthstone, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, and Warcraft 3. Newbee was most notable in DOTA 2 as in 2014, they were able to win the International Championships. At the time, their five-million dollars in winnings set the Guinness world record for the largest amount of prize money won from competitive gaming.

Unfortunately, the team is now in hot water. Xu “Moogy” Han, Yin “Aq” Rui, Wen “Wizard” Lipeng, Yan “Waixi” Chao, and TI2 champion Zeng “Faith” Hongda were accused of rigging competitive matches in February 2020. These allegations lead to bans from many tournament organizers but have only just resulted in a ban for life from competitive DOTA 2 by Valve.

The Twitter account for the Newbees has remained entirely silent since the original accusations of match fixing and still has not offered any comment on the announcement. At this time, The CDA Alliance, ImbaTV, and the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association have all given the players lifetime bans. There is no word yet on how Newbee will continue into the future or if they plan to sign another team to compete in DOTA 2.