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No, the Bloomberg Campaign Didn't Fire Nick Ciarelli

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Today, Twitter advocates flocked to support Nick Ciarelli, who posted the trending "Moves Like Bloomberg" parody of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," in response to Pete Buttigieg's viral campaign dance video. Ciarelli's video claimed to be captured at a Bloomberg rally, but it's not: the whole thing is a bit put on by comedy group UCB.

The Bloomberg campaign responded to Ciarelli's video, stating that he is not an intern, but a comedian at UCB. He appears to have altered his profile to promote the joke, but when Bloomberg's campaign responded, he took the joke further, asking "Wait are you firing me?" Afterward, many rushed to support fair compensation for interns and protest his unfair termination.

These are wonderful goals, but save your enthusiasm for the real thing! There are real people that unjustly lose their jobs every day, and many more who are not compensated well. There may well be interns in campaigns that need the support of well meaning Twitter users if they choose to speak out.

It's a good lesson in source credibility, even in video. Make sure to check the source thoroughly, and ask yourself whether it might be a hoax, a joke, or misdirection.

Photo: Tweet from Nick Ciarelli.