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No, the Coronavirus Hasn't Killed 10,000 People

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At least, not that we can confirm. A new story is spreading on social media, claiming that 10,000 have already been killed in Wuhan, China alone. However, this story, made popular by the Geller Report, is based in rumor. Yet, the site claims that non-state sources are better than government and health organizations:

"Bill Holter of JSMineset is reporting a friend of his states a Chinese friend and resident of Wuhan told him they have 10,000 dead. City falling apart. And while these reports are unconfirmed, we know the most reliable sources are from people on the ground. The least reliable are state or government sources."

In actuality, the virus, known as 2019-nCoV, has claimed the lives of approximately 305, out of 14,637 confirmed cases, according to John Hopkins University. This is hardly the scale being claimed. Travel bans, quarantines, and hearsay can be very scary, but don't panic yet... and always check sources for verifiable claims. Make certain that any health information you receive has received their information from named sources, with published data that is preferably substantiated and repeated by other, independent sources. During these times of international concern, social media is ripe with 'fake news,' so it's up to you to decide what's a good source. Stay safe, and wash your hands!

Photo: Pixabay