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Oklahoma State Representative Proposes Bill To Create A Bigfoot Hunting Season

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Oklahoma state Rep. Justin Humphrey, the Republican lawmaker, wants to create a hunting season for the Bigfoot Giant.

The lawmaker has passed a bill, indicating his interest in finding Bigfoot. But he has made it clear that he doesn’t intend on killing Bigfoot, he wants to capture it and find evidence o its existence.

“I want to be really clear that we are not going to kill Bigfoot,” said Humphrey. “We are going to trap a live Bigfoot. We are not promoting killing Bigfoot. We are promoting hunting Bigfoot, trying to find evidence of Bigfoot.”

Humphrey, in his bill, has detailed an extensive plan giving guidance to Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to create rules, dates, license, and fees “establishing a bigfoot (sic) hunting season.” Humphrey says that he will work on the specifics with the commission, and a bounty of $25,000 will be awarded to whoever finds the mythical giant.

The commission, however, isn’t interested in the plan. They cite the lack of scientific evidence behind Bigfoot’s existence.  

“We use science-driven research, and we don’t recognize Bigfoot in the state of Oklahoma,” Micah Holmes of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation told ABC station KOCO in Oklahoma City, adding that the bill would require them to create a new season and license for something that doesn’t exist.

But Humphrey believes that the move will be great for tourism, and will boost outdoor recreation during the specified dates.

“Having a license and a tag would give people a way to prove they participated in the hunt,” Humphrey told KFOR. “Again, the overall goal is to get people to our area to enjoy the natural beauty and to have a great time, and if they find Bigfoot while they’re at it, well hey, that’s just an even bigger prize.”

Source: The Oklahoman