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Only 2 People Live In This Italian Town, Yet They Both Wear Masks And Practice Social Distancing

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Giovanni Carilli, 82, and Giampiero Nobili, 74, are the only two people living in the small remote Italian town of Nortosce in Umbria. Although Carilli and Nobili are all by themselves, they both wear masks and strictly follow Covid-19 SOPs because they are dead scared about catching the virus.

As per a CNN Travel report, Carilli and Nobili would often have coffee together, but even they would sit 6 feet apart as to ensure that neither of them catches the virus. The elderly duo fetches water from a nearby fountain, and even then they make sure that they have their masks on.

Nobili has a unique and commendable perspective about following rules pertaining to the Covid-19 virus. He says that apart from the idea of staying healthy, it is essential to follow the rules as they are designed for the public good, and observation of rules is the duty of every civilian.

"Wearing a mask and respecting social distancing is not just for health reasons," he told the publication."It's not something 'bad' or 'good'. If there are rules, you need to abide by them for your own sake and other people's. It's a matter of principle."

Italy requires all its residents to wear masks when they are out in public places. Social distancing is also required.

Carilli and Nobilin believe that they are happy even though they are cut off from the rest of the world because they are healthy, and it is their well being that they value the most. In fact, The duo does not want to fall sick due to the coronavirus because they don’t have anyone to tend to them, and they are the only ones responsible for their sheep.

Source: CNN Travel