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Orlando Boy's PS4 Gets Stolen From An Open Window. What Happened Next Will Leave You In Tears.

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Earlier this year, a letter written by an anguished grandfather surfaced on the internet, capturing the attention of many. Orlando resident George Maillis' house was invaded by an unknown thief, who stole Mallis' grandson's PS4. In response to the theft, an enraged George Mallis authored an open letter to the robber and posted it on a nearby tree. The events that ensued will leave you shocked.

Orlando's Maillis household encountered a harrowing security breach in the first week of February when a burglar broke into their house through an open window. The thief slid up the residence's window, grabbed an accessible PS4 from a convenient table, and took off with it stealthily. The PlayStation 4 was a birthday gift for the Maillis' youngest family member – the 11-year-old George Maillis (named after his grandfather), who was left heartbroken by the incident.

While describing the occurrence, George's father Tommy Maillis narrated, "Somebody slid the window up, reached in because it was on a table inside, reached in and grabbed the PlayStation off the table". "My son was literally two or three feet away from the PlayStation when they took it", said Tommy.

When George's grandfather found out about his grandson's precious game being stolen, he was devastated. He was furious at the anonymous robber for breaking his grandchild's heart. And so, he penned down a stirring note addressed to the unidentified housebreaker and hung it on a tree along a busy Conway road.

In his message, George wrote, "You broke a little kid's heart. You broke a little boy's heart -- my grandson. Eleven years old. You stole his game, you know?"

George's lengthy note was quick to apprehend the attention of the general public, as well as of the media. The post quickly became an internet sensation, prompting news reporters to take notice of the issue. As the note went viral, several news networks arrived at the Maillis house to cover the issue. One news channel, in particular, commentated on the incident in a live broadcast and evoked the sentiments of many people who felt sorry for the young victim.

The real surprise came about when viewers reached out to the networks asking them about how they could help the grief-stricken George Maillis. Networks replied with suggestions to crowd-fund the purchase of a new PS4 for George Maillis. Soon, an empathic neighbour, Dr Luis Correa Luna appeared at the Maillis front door with a new PlayStation 4. And this was not even all. Later, another neighbour insisted on helping George, subsequently up with a new virtual reality system to go with George's brand-new PS4.

George Maillis was overwhelmed by the gesture, and he expressed his gratitude to his benevolent saviours. "Thank you very much. I really like it. I wish I could pay you back for anything", he said.

George's father, Tommy Maillis, was also relieved seeing his son happy. "Oh, man. It is awesome. I could not ask for anything more. It is amazing. I feel really good for my son", he said.

Although George is content with his pristine game, the Maillis family has not withdrawn its complaint about the robbery. The Maillis family is concerned that the event has compromised the security of the entire neighbourhood. Currently, they are working on getting the serial number of the console, so they can assist the police in finding the criminal behind the plunder.