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Oscars Recap: The Big Winners

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The 92nd Oscars ceremony took place last night, and despite the event racking up a record low for viewers with only 23.6 million tuning in, it carried on as always to award the best of the best in movies for the year of 2019. Viewers who did tune in were treated to some awkward and uncomfortable moments as award shows are always known to present. This year featured some politically charged speeches that left people questioning if the Oscars was the right platform for speaking up, but then again, what is the right platform? Political feelings aside, there were some big winners at last night’s Oscars, some reflective of the winners at the Golden Globes and some decidedly not. So here’s a recap of the major category winners.


Best Picture: Parasite

Taking the world by storm last year was the South Korean dark comedy film Parasite. The film follows a poor family trying to find a way to improve their lives with money by becoming employed by a wealthy family and scheming their way into their household. The film also took home Oscars for Best Directing from Bong Joon Ho, Best International Feature, and Best Writing of an original screenplay. This film made history, not only with taking home four Oscars in a night ad an international film but by being the first ever non-English speaking film to win best picture.

Actor in a Leading Role: Joaquin Phoenix for the Joker

Is anyone really surprised by this one? Once it was announced that there was an origin story Joker movie in the works and that Joaquin Phoenix was taking on the Clown Prince of Crime moniker, the world knew it was going to be a performance to be remembered. That was solidified even more when the trailers started dropping, showing a radically different film than anyone was expecting. Equal parts haunting, disturbing, and heartbreaking, Joaquin without a doubt deserved the award season cleanup he got for this role.

Actress in a Leading Role: Renee Zellweger for Judy

Embodying a once living person is a really hard thing to master. It requires great skill to nail down mannerisms and speech patterns of an iconic celebrity without coming off like you’re doing a cheap imitation of them if it’s too exact. Renee Zellweger really went the full mile in perfecting her craft to portray the legendary Judy Garland, and did not disappoint. Hence, the award win.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Brad Pitt is no stranger to this business and what it takes to give a good performance. He may be a big name, but it never seems like he rests on that alone in his acting. Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood was no exception, and he delivered just as he always does. There’s a good chance this award win was even more of a shoo-in because this kind of movie was just such a perfect fit for him.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Laura Dern for Marriage Story

Marriage Story is one of the most honest stories on this list, telling the heartbreaking tale of a couple going through a divorce and what that means for their young son. Laura Dern’s win here is representative of a couple of things. First, it shows the power of supporting characters. Neither of the lead roles won the Oscar for their categories, although they were up against some stiff competition. Supporting characters are so crucial to the success of a story beyond simply what the leads present. Secondly, it shows the progress in the Academy valuing films beyond the big films that go to theaters. Two films that came from Netflix were nominated for best picture this year and that’s a big deal because not all incredible films are simply the one’s that make the most money or take the traditional path.

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